sasa yoga provides mobile yoga classes in Fremantle and Perth, Western Australia.

2021 Update

Since the closure of my home studio I offer mobile yoga around Perth as well as zoom yoga classes to small and medium groups.

Thanks to all my regular students for their continued support, I really appreciate it!

Stay safe and Namaste,
Stefanie Tacke

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About sasa yoga

  1. Yin and yang yoga - targeting the muscular system for muscle strength and flexibility whilst also working on the deeper connective tissue in the body.
  2. Yin yoga - a beautiful, relaxing, but also physically challenging practise for addressing ONLY the deeper connective tissue. Through longer held sitting poses we stress the ligaments, the hips, pelvis and spine - keeping us healthy and slowing the onset of age-related deterioration. Yin yoga also works with the energy system of the body (meridians) and removes stagnation. It is a beautiful way to wind down and relax for the weekend and suitable for people of all ages. Perfect for highly active people such as runners or cyclists to achieve counter-balance by way of a good stretch.

Yoga Classes

As a mature instructor, I love to introduce elements of my shiatsu (traditional Japanese massage) training into my yoga practise. My shiatsu diploma provides me with an advanced understanding of human anatomy and the energy flow (chi) of the body. It also gives me insights into the individual needs of my students, especially working around injuries.

My training

  • 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training with Gregor Maehle and Dr Monica Gauci (Chiropractor) from 8 Limbs Yoga.
  • 120 hours Advanced Yoga Fundamentals with Simon Borg-Olivier MScBAppSc (Physiotherapy) and Bianca Machliss MScBAppSc (Physiotherapy) from Yoga Synergy.
  • 24 hours ASANA Biomechanics of 84 Postures with Yoga Synergy.
  • 24 hours Yoga Therapy: Therapeutic Applications of Posture, Movement and Breathing with Yoga Synergy.
  • 50 hours Comprehensive Yoga Anatomy with David Keil.
  • Shiatsu Therapy Practitioner Diploma.

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