sasa is a boutique yoga studio and shiatsu (Japanese massage) practice in the suburb of Bedford in Perth, Western Australia.


Zen shiatsu (Japanese from shi, meaning finger, and atsu, meaning pressure) is a traditional massage therapy originating from Japan. During a shiatsu treatment, the practitioner applies pressure to certain points on the body. Stretches, rotation of limbs and body are also incorporated to induce well-being and relaxation to the whole body of the treated person.

Shiatsu treatments use the network of meridians (energy pathways that relate to the function of emotion and internal organs in the body), which is based on the meridian theory found in traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditionally a shiatsu session is given on a futon, which is a beautiful, holistic way to approach the healing of mind and body by achieving a balance of yin and yang.

Shiatsu can help with headaches and migraine, back and neck pain, sciatica and lower back problems, anxiety, tension, depression and insomnia.



$55.00 per hour

Cupping treatments: $25.00 per ½ hour

Appointment times

Appointment times are flexible, after hours or weekends are available.

Contact Stefanie now for a booking or more info.

Note: As the receiver of a treatment you should be wearing loose, comfortable clothing to avoid any embarrassing moments. Please also note that treatments are strictly non-sexual in nature.


The studio fits small groups of up to seven people, and offers:

  1. Yin and yang yoga - targeting the muscular system for muscle strength and flexibility whilst also working on the deeper connective tissue in the body.
  2. Yin yoga - a beautiful, relaxing, but also physically challenging practise for addressing ONLY the deeper connective tissue. Through longer held sitting poses we stress the ligaments, the hips, pelvis and spine - keeping us healthy and slowing the onset of age-related deterioration. Yin yoga also works with the energy system of the body (meridians) and removes stagnation. It is a beautiful way to wind down and relax for the weekend and suitable for people of all ages. Perfect for highly active people such as runners or cyclists to achieve counter-balance by way of a good stretch.

Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga lessons are catering to your own needs at your own time.

1 hour one-on-one session: $45.00

Small group bookings

Minimum of 3 people, maximum of 6 people: $15.00
(per person)

Contact Stefanie now to book a time of your convenience.

As a mature instructor, Stefanie loves to introduce elements of her shiatsu (traditional Japanese massage) practice into her yoga. Her shiatsu diploma provides her with an advanced understanding of human anatomy and the energy flow (chi) of the body. It also gives her insights into a student’s individual needs, especially working around injuries.

Contact Stefanie

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0403 941 994

Email me to book a shiatsu treatment or yoga class.